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Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton is a consulting software tester and testing teacher who helps people to solve testing problems that they didn’t realize they could solve. Michael has 25 years of experience testing, developing, managing, and writing about software. For the last 18 years, he has led DevelopSense, a Toronto-based testing and development consultancy. Prior to that, he was with Quarterdeck Corporation for eight years, during which he managed the company’s flagship products and directed project and testing teams both in-house and around the world.

In 2006, he became co-author (with James Bach) of Rapid Software Testing (RST), a methodology and mindset for testing software expertly and credibly in uncertain conditions and under extreme time pressure. Since then, he has flown over a million miles to teach RST in 35 countries on six continents.


Training will be extremely useful for the following roles:

  • Test Engineers
  • Test Managers \ Leads
  • Developers
  • Business Analytics
  • Product managers
  • and everyone who thinks about product quality


  • focus on the mission and hit the ground running, tackling the testing of any product or product idea instantly
  • analyze, select, and use concise and effective heuristics, models, and practices for rapid test design
  • test expertly despite ambiguous, missing, or constantly changing specifications
  • deal with potentially overwhelming complexity or confusion
  • decide when to start, suspend, or stop testing—or how to continue while steering in a different direction
  • prepare and deliver credible test reports at any time


Developed and taught by James Bach and Michael Bolton, this 3-day, hands-on class introduces you to rapid software testing, a complete testing methodology designed for a world of barely sufficient resources, information, and time. This class presents an approach to testing that begins with personal skill development and extends to the ultimate mission of software testing: lighting the way of the project by evaluating the product.

The philosophy of rapid testing presented in this class is not like traditional approaches to testing, which ignore the thinking part of testing and instead advocate neverending paperwork. Products have become too complex for that, and testers are too expensive. Rapid testing uses a cyclic approach and heuristic methods to constantly re-optimize testing to fit the needs of your clients. Rapid testing isn’t just testing with a sense of urgency, it’s mission-focused testing that eliminates unnecessary work, assures that everything necessary gets done, and constantly asks what testing can do to speed the project as a whole.

One important tool of rapid testing we will cover is the discipline of exploratory testing – essentially a testing martial art. Exploratory testing combines test design and test execution into one process that finds a lot of problems quickly. If you are an experienced tester, you’ll find out how to articulate those intellectual processes of testing that you already practice intuitively. If you’re a new tester, hands-on testing exercises help you gain critical experience.


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  •   I did the Rapid Software Testing Class last year. It was the most demanding 3 days of training I have ever done. It is not the knowledge and the exercises but the challenges in ways of thinking about your testing that I found extremely demanding. I still have my notes. I look on them from time to time and try to live up to the things I believe are true. If you have the chance to do the class DO IT!!! It will change how you see testing and how you do testing. It will improve the way you test and give you a clear picture about your mission and objectives on any testing project  

    - Claudiu Draghia

    Test manager, Romania


Rapid Software Testing is about getting more value for the testing dollar by doing a better job of testing without needing detailed test procedures. So it doesn't really matter - it is product company or outsource - it helps your Customer to see the testing not as commodity activity that any stranger will do as well as you.
This class has been taught in organizations pursuing the CMM and organizations subject to FDA and other regulatory requirements. Rapid testing is about thinking. As long as they want you to think well and find important problems quickly, this is a class that applies to you. It does advocate a lean form of test documentation, to the extent you can possibly lean it. It also teaches session-based test management, which allows you to measure and document exploratory testing in a manner compatible with more “formal” process cultures.


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