Information for speakers

So, you have decided to give a talk or just thinking about it, anyway – it’s great! We recommend you not to postpone this decision, be brave and submit a talk. Below you can see our conditions and recommendations
We will review all applications with your crazy projects, insane ideas and experiments. Just want to inform you, what topics we want to see in the conference program at the first place:

List of topics for QA Fest:

  • Functional testing
  • Test automation (frameworks and tools, test automation in DevOps environment)
  • Managing test process and quality in the project, building effective test team, tutoring and mentoring
  • Secrets of web and mobile application testing, test techniques and approaches, cases and best practices
  • Technologies that build our future and what they have under the hood: Blockchain, AR/VR, IoT, AI/ML
  • Security and performance testing: approaches, tools and processes
  • Game testing
  • DevOps in testing
  • Tips & tricks on career development, personal effectiveness and motivation, and communication

What do we offer

The talk preparation is a very time-consuming process and we will do our best to make your speech great and memorable.


QA Fest provides::

  • experienced curator, who will give valuable recommendations on improving the structure of the presentation and will conduct a rehearsal with you
  • participation in a private party for speakers and organizers on the day before the conference
  • free participation in both days of the conference
  • professional video recording of your performance
  • success and recognition


QA Fest organizers reserve the right to publish speaker’s presentations, video and photo materials, specifying the name of the speaker.

Requirements to the talk

Language of presentation

We accept the reports in Ukrainian, Russian and English. It’s your decision in which language the report will be.

Talk duration

The talk duration is 40 minutes. In addition, the audience will have 5 minutes for questions. If there are a lot of questions, you can always continue your discussions in the networking zones.

Unique talk

One of the goals of the conference is the development of both participants and speakers. We believe that it makes no sense to repeat the same reports twice if they already exist in the web. QA Fest is about new ideas, new examples and experiments!


When reviewing submitted applications, one of the main focus for us is how useful your talk will be for conference participants. Therefore, we recommend you to pay attention to this matter when submitting and preparing the talk. Preference is given to talks that are based on personal experience.

Main dates

August 7th Last day of talk submission
August 21st Final program is formed
September 18th Final presentations

Program Committee

Oleksii Burdin

Senior AQA, Svitla Systems

Sergey Ivanov

QA group lead, @MobiDev

Sergey Korol

Technical QA Manager, Waverley Software

Tetyana Lyulyuchenko

Senior Test Engineer, Itera

Yaroslav Pernerovskyy

QA Division Director, GlobalLogic

Roman Marinsky

Test Automation Engineer, Intellias

Sergey Sosnitskiy

Lead Test Engineer, N-iX

Tetiana Snizhko

Middle Manual QA, Ciklum